About us

Legal claims handled efficiently

Adding Value, Saving Costs

Partnering with MAPS frees up your own insurance, fleet, legal and finance teams to focus on running your organisation efficiently. Claims that could otherwise turn into a hassle are no longer a problem.

When your motor uninsured loss recovery claims are handled by us, you also get £100,000 legal expenses insurance, a single point of contact for all claims, expert advice and an online claims tracking portal. All within highly competitive premiums that are often a fraction of the amount of the losses we recover.

Integrity and Honesty

Our team is built around a commitment to always doing the right thing, with uncompromising ethical standards and behaviour. We treat each claim like it’s our own and always act in good faith. As a family-run business, it comes easy to us. And we pride ourselves on the friendly, trusting relationships we have with our clients.

Technical Abilities

Handling lots of claims efficiently takes both expertise and technical ability. We have a wealth of experience in claims handling, and industry leading software and processes.

Our secure, user-friendly online claims tracking portal provides easy access to real-time information. And our in-house claims handling team bring years of experience and know-how to deal efficiently with even the most complex of cases.