Legal insurance, uninsured loss recovery
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We’ll tailor our specialist legal assistance services to suit the needs of your organisation. Whether you’re an insurer, broker, public sector organisation, fleet owner or individual, we’ll always recommend the most efficient way to get the results you need.

Legal Assistance for your clients

If you’re an insurer or broker, you can easily and efficiently pass on our specialist legal assistance to your clients. From legal cover and assistance for vehicles, to legal protection at home. Our promise to always provide a high quality and friendly service means you can confidently grow your business with us.

Uninsured Loss Recovery (ULR)

If your driver is not at fault for a motor accident, we’ll act quickly to recover all your losses and get your vehicle back on the road. We have a 24/7 claims line and online form and contact clients within an hour of a claim being made during business hours. We can arrange like-for-like replacement vehicle hire and repairs for all kinds of private, commercial and specialist vehicles.

Legal Expenses Insurance

£100,000 of legal expenses cover to protect against the risk of extra legal costs if something goes wrong. It covers all classes of vehicle and can be tailored to include or exclude personal injury of authorised drivers and passengers.

FNOL, Claims Management & Outsourcing

Outsource your entire motor claims department to us so you can focus on the day-to-day efficiency of your organisation. We’ll act as an integrated extension to your office, handling claims in your name, and always with our high ethical and customer service standards.

Immobile Property Damage Claims

Our non-insured uninsured loss recovery service will help you pursue claims where a negligent motorist has damaged immobile property such as street furniture, a building or infrastructure. Our charges are based on a percentage of the settled claim with no fee to pay if we’re unsuccessful.

Claims Portal & MI Reports

Our secure online claims portal means you can make claims and track the progress of existing claims quickly and efficiently. We also provide reports to help you spot trends and plan ahead. And our team are also always available for advice and support whenever you need us.